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  • Probe Thermometer


    Digital probe thermometer for broad range of applications.

    155mm stainless steel probe
    Temperature range from -50C up to 300C  (-58F up to 572F)  Selectable scale
    Last measurement memory option
    Battery level management
    15 minute auto shutdown
    27mm x 12mm LCD display
    Buttons – on/off, C/F scale selection, Hold (memory)
    Accuracy to 0.1 degree
    Operates on 1 x 1.5V AG13 battery
    Includes tough plastic probe cover.
    Food Storage

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  • Digital Wood Moisture Meter


    Easy to use Digital Moisture Meter for testing the moisture content of a wide variety of materials across a range from 5% to 40% moisture. Simply press the four sensor pins approximately 5mm into the material to measure the moisture content. This is ideal for woodworkers and furniture restorers, painters, horse and stock owners, weavers and crafts people and a host more applications where knowing moisture content can make a difference. LCD display Resolution 1% Accuracy +/-1% Range 5% to 40% Reading hold function Weighs 150grams including battery Uses 1 x 9Volt battery Applications include: Wooden items Cotton and fleece Grain and crystals Hay & Seed

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  • Butane Soldering Iron

    Refillable butane soldering iron gas torch
    This multi-function gas solder iron melts silver and gold solder, small brazing rods, and
    many other materials (gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum).Ideal for light welding, repairs, soldering, jewelry making, hobbies, crafts, model
    making, etc.
    Portable pocket sized, lightweight and convenient.
    Adjustable flame.
    Easy to maintain (uses lighter butane).
    Refillable – uses widely available butane gas.
    Material: Plastic, Metal.
    Power equivalent: 30W-70W.
    Soldering iron temperature: 210 400°C.
    Flame temperature: 1300°C (2500°F).
    Capacity: about 7ml
    Operating time: approx 30 minutes
    Size:17.5x 3cm

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  • Fridge Freezer Thermometer


    Make sure mobile freezers, fridges and ice coolers are satisfactorily cooling food items to prevent unnecessary waste and causing health issues. Battery powered with 800mm sensor lead. Battery included. -50C to +70C

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  • Pocket Anemometer


    Excellent anemometer to keep in your pocket when outdoors Ideal for anglers, hunters, sports people and hobbyists Measures wind speed up to 90 KPH (multiple scales including Knots, m/sec, KPH, miles/sec, ft/sec) Modes include MAX air velocity, AVG average air velocity and CU current air velocity Thermometer for temperatures from -10C to 45C Backlight LCD display Neckstrap Instruction sheet Dimensions 110mm x 43mm x 22mm Weight 65grams Removeable rubber bump cover Power 1 x CR2032 batterywind speed

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  • pH Meter


    Easy to use Digital pH Meter for testing the acid/alkali levels in water and solutions. To measure just switch the unit on, insert the electrode into the solution to be measured and gently agitate it about until the reading on the LCD screen stabilises. Includes calibration solution mix sachets. This is ideal for pool and spa owners, aquarium owners, anglers, and a host more applications where knowing the acidity level can make a difference. LCD display Resolution 0.1pH Accuracy +/-0.1pH Range 0.0 to 14.0 Weighs 55grams including batteries Uses 3 x AG-13 1.5Volt battery Applications include: Pool and Spa Lakes and Streams Fish keepers Aquculture

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  • 240V/2Kw Dimmer or Motor Speed Controller


    Dimmer/motor speed controller for up to 2000 watts (2Kw)

    Mounted in ABS plastic box but NOT cabled

    Cabling must be performed by a qualified electrician

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