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Enchanted Wood

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The representative range of our products listed below is reserved for immediate purchase, however due to the uniqueness of every piece not every item can be listed.

If you have in mind a specific style or theme please message us (use the form below) and we’ll send photos of a selection that might be suitable.
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Enchanted Wood building imagination and education
It is well acknowledged that imaginary and educational play promotes, develops and improves problem solving brain skills in kids and adults. After all isn’t brainstorming just a form of exercising one’s imagination?
An Enchanted Wood fantasy piece is a great centrepiece for encouraging appreciation of shape, form and feel of natural materials in a world of plastics and digital imagery.
In this Covid time of stress and upheaval there can be great mental benefit derived from constructive behaviour stimulated through imaginary play and facilitate opportunities for creative story telling and writing exercises too.
Using naturally weathered bush timber we utilise existing nooks and crannies and sculp out voids in the pieces to house all manner of imaginary beings and woodland creatures inside. In some cases a slice of the external surface is fashioned into a door and attached by metal hinges and with others a tailor made door is created and attached with functional hinges.
Some of our fantasy logs remain uninhabited, ready for you to populate using your own imagination or to keep special treasures hidden in a secret hideaway!